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The BRE Levelling Station System
MAS Engineering

The BRE Levelling Station system produced by MAS Engineering has been extended with the introduction of a new compact range of components designed to further increase the versatility of this simple and reliable way to monitor movement in buildings and structures.

Sole recommended supplier of the BRE system, MAS Engineering is now producing a compact 16mm diameter levelling station range designed to be minimally intrusive while maintaining the system?s high level of accuracy and repeatability.

The versatile system can be easily installed in all types of buildings and structures, during or after construction, and consists of a non-coroding 316 stainless steel socket for fixing into the structure, plus a range of removeable datum plugs to suit precise application needs and monitoring methods.

Standard datum plugs include a ball-end leveller for attaching a levelling staff, universal joint adaptor plug for attaching a measuring tape, cladding extension, and target adaptors for angular sighting, bullseye, wild and corner-cube prisms. Bespoke components are also available.

The levelling system is designed so that any plug will position with repeatable accuracy. The socket itself need not be horizontal, and for special applications may be installed at any angle up to vertical. When the socket is not in use, a flush fitting tamper-proof Perspex bung reflects surrounding surface finish for minimal visual intrusion.

First used to monitor movement in buildings above tunnel construction for the Jubilee underground line in London, the system has been installed in the Thames Barrier, many buildings in Docklands, and widely throughout the UK in structures as diverse as power stations, bridges and historic buildings.

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